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Casaupendo Orphanage natures Children Talents

Meet Ian and Jairus drawing different wild animals. At Casaupendo Orphanage we nature talents. Our children are gifted and talented in many ways. We have taken an initiative to support our children in making thier talents grow.

In this photo, Melvin proudly showcase her beautiful drawing.


Every Saturday, the children spend their evenings drawing.

Besides art, we have children interested in crotcheting. These children enjoy using thread to create handbag, bracelet, and necklace. Below is one of our children proudly showcasing their piece of work.

Other talents that we nature are music, and Agriculture. We have children who enjoy singing, and dancing

Some children enjoy gardening. Meet Calvin and other children taking care of the children garden

If you wish to sponsor our children talents, please feel free to hit the donate button below and empower our children to grow their talents. You can support the children by buying musical instruments, buying drawing paper or books, buying pieces of fabric and buying seeds so the children can plant them in the garden.  If you wish to mentor our children's talents, feel free to hit the volunteer button and get a chance to be a volunteer in our orphanage to mentor our children. Thank you again for visiting this page.


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