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Our Programs

Casaupendo CBO runs a number of sub programs to support orphans as well as their grannies. Below we show the highlights of the programs we  run. Some programs are still in the development stage and we need your help to be able to launch these programs.

Orphan Feeding program

On January 11th 2019, we launched our feeding program for orphans where each child get 2 meals a day (lunch and Dinner). We have a balanced recipe for each day. Our lunch meal is served between 12.30pm and 1.30 pm, to allow the children enough time to go back to school. Our dinner meal is served between 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm to allow children to finish their homework. We also provide fruits to keep the children in our home healthy. We would wish to indroduce another meal into the daily program (Breakfast). Breakfast is an important meal to any child because it allows the child to get enough energy to concentrate in school and for her development. We also need a continuous supply of food for these children. Please support us to be able to introduce this crucial meal into our feeding program. You can donate food directly to our home or provide any help that can sustain the program. Any help towards this program will be much appreciated


Education follow up Program

Our team of volunteers visit the school of each orphan and get to meet the teachers in charge of our orphans. We follow up on the children education progress and handle any behavioral challenge that could affect the educational performance. We depend on volunteers to make this program a success. We visit each school at least twice each month to check on the progress of our children and provide all the support our children need. During the visit we pay any tuition fees for the child as well address any additional concerns in school. This program has helped our children to focus on their school work and collaborate with their teachers to improve their grades. We are in urgent need of more volunteers to make this program a success and create more impact

Evangelism and spiritual mentorship program

Casaupendo CBO ensures that all children in our orphan program go to church. We have partnered with churches within the region we operate. We invite spiritual counselors and ministers to provide spiritual mentorship and counseling to our children. We also invite volunteers to provide evangelism sessions to the families of orphans in our program as well as the neighboring commnuty. Our volunteers visit homes on weekends and share gospel with the households. As an organisation, we encourage our children to grow up in all dimension including the spiritual dimension. Please support this program.

Counseling program

We provide free counseling to the children in our program as well as their grannies. Counseling is done at our center on a need to need basis. In some cases, a group counseling session is conducted by our resident psychologist. All our children need counseling given their loss and grief background. Some children have HIV/AIDs passed to them by parents through birth hence require counseling and close monitoring.We need more volunteers to help us with the counseling program. Volunteers in this program must have a previous counseling experience either as a social worker, counselor or related experience.  Please feel free to support this program.

Health care program

We monitor the health of all orphans in our program. We ensure that all children in our program get all types of vacciness needed for healthy development. Our visiting nurse observe each child on a regular basis to ensure that our children are doing well. Volunteers in this program, check the blood pressure, weight, height, of the children and make constant observations on our children. Chilren with minor health conditions are provided care by our volunteering nurse or visiting nurse. Severe cases are referred to doctors in the nearby hospital. We depend on volunteering nurses to run this program. Please feel free to donate anything you feel can support the program. We need more volunteering nurses to join this program and help create impact.

Agriculture program

Casaupendo CBO encourage healthy living. As such, we use the available resources to encourage farmers to plant food crops. Some grannies in our program have small pieces of land. They can't do farming because they are weak and feeble. We use volunteers to help these grannies to plant crops in their farms. We facilitate planting of food crops like bananas, corn, beans, vegetables, and fruits. The goal here is to create a sustainable community that can care for orphans years to come. In this program we donate seeds to these homes, and facilitate the planting of the seeds with the help of volunteers. In time, the grannies in our program will have more food in their homes, hence a sustainable life. We are in need of resources to make this program a success. We need resources to facilitate purchase of seedlings, and fertilizer. We also need more volunteers in this program to help with the planting of the seedlings. Please support our program.

Childcare protection program

Casaupendo supports childcare protection program. Together with the children office in Tranzoia County, we are going to launch a childcare protection program to sensitize the community on issues that deal with childcare and protection. The goal here is to have a community that supports orphans and keep them safe from child slavery, harassment, child labor, rape, and mistreatment. We wish to reduce the cases of teenage pregnancy in the region. We would also wish to provide our orphans with an environment that is healthy to live and study. We use volunteers for this program. Selected volunteers will attend a childcare protection training at the county and in turn use the skills gained to create awareness in the region on childcare and protection issues. This program is going to be launched soon. We need more partners and volunteers to help the program a success. Some volunteers will help create awareness in the community. Please enroll in our program.

HIV/AIDs awareness program

Casaupendo would like to handle the orphan challenge from the route course. At least 90% of the orphans in our program lost their parents due to the HIV/AIDs Manace. Creating the awareness on HIV/AIDs prevention  techniques, testing,a nd treatment will help reduce the harm. We are going to launch this program soon. We are in desperate need of partners and volunteers to make this program a success. If you have access to any resource that can help reduce have and save a life, please get in touch with us immediately. Feel free to sign up as a volunteer in this program.

Alcohol and drug use Prevention

We can cannot talk about harm reduction without mentioning the alcohol and drug problem. Alcohol and drug problem contribute to high rates of HIV/AIDs infection which leads to many deaths and many orphans suffering. As such, Casaupendo CBO supports programs that can help prevent Alcohol and drug use in the village we operate in. The program involves sensitizing the community on the dangers of alcohol and drug use, and provide information on the treatment alternatives for the affected families. Casaupendo CBO will facilitate the training of volunteers in areas of preventing alcohol and drug use. Trained volunteers will create awareness in schools and help reduce the use of Alcohol and drugs. We need partners and volunteers to make this program a success. We are going to launch prevention seminars to help create awareness on the issue.

Sanitary towel program

Casaupendo CBO operates in a rural Kenya, where women cannot afford simple hygiene products like sanitary towels. Most families survive on one dollar a day, yet the available brands of hygiene products are too expensive to afford. Casaupendo CBO would like to create affordable sanitary towels to restore the degnity of the orphans in our program and women in this community. We have the budget for this program. We need resources to be able to launch this program. The program will create employment for many  people in the households we work with, keep the environment clean because of the biodegradable product, and create a trust fund for the orphans in our program. Our goal is to create a sustainable system that will be able to support orphans years to come as well as empower the comunity the orphans live in. We need partners to help us launch this program. Please get in touch with us immediately if you have anything that can make this program a success.

Sewing sweater program

Casaupendo would like to empower the community we live in and create a trust fund for the orphans  enrolled in our program. Our team has identified Sewing school sweaters as a project that can help create employment for people in this region as well as create a trust fund for the orphans in our program. The program requres sewing machines and raw materials to create the sweaters. We also need volunteers to be trained by our team and help run this program. Please support this program. 

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