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Our Programs

Casaupendo CBO runs a number of sub programs to support orphans as well as their grannies. Below we show the highlights of the programs we  run. Some programs are still in the development stage and we need your help to be able to launch these programs.


On January 11th 2019, we launched our nutrition program for the children where each child get 3 meals a day (lunch and Dinner) with fruits in between. We have a balanced recipe for each day. Our lunch meal is served between 12.30pm and 1.30 pm, to allow the children enough time to go back to school. Our dinner meal is served between 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm to allow children to finish their homework. We provite oat meal and milk for breakfast. We also provide fruits to keep our children healthy.



Casaupendo home ensures that all the children on the program get quality education. Our team of volunteers visit the school of each child and get to meet the teachers in charge. We follow up on the children education progress and handle any behavioral challenge that could affect the educational performance. We depend on volunteers to make this program a success. We visit each school at least twice each month to check on the progress of our children and provide all the support our children need. During the visit we pay any tuition fees for the child as well as address any additional concerns in the school. This program has helped our children to focus on their school work and collaborate with their teachers to improve their grades.

Spiritual mentorship

 Casaupendo orphanage ensures that all children in our orphan program go to church. We have partnered with churches within the region we operate. We invite spiritual counselors and ministers to provide spiritual mentorship and counseling to our children. We also invite volunteers to provide evangelism sessions to the children in our program as well as the neighboring commnuty. Our volunteers visit homes on weekends and share gospel with the households. As an organisation, we encourage our children to grow up in all dimension including the spiritual dimension. 


We provide free counseling to the children in our program as well as their grannies. Counseling is done at our center on a need to need basis. In some cases, a group counseling session is conducted by our resident psychologist. All our children need counseling given their loss and grief background. Some children have HIV/AIDs passed to them by parents through birth hence require counseling and close monitoring.We need more volunteers to help us with the counseling program. Volunteers in this program must have a previous counseling experience either as a social worker, counselor, psychologists, or related experience.  Please feel free to support this program.

Health Care

Casaupendo Orphanage would like to provide healthcare to all the children in the program and the community. We would like a first aid room filled with necessary medication, reagents, and equipment that will enable volunteer nurses to care for our children at the orphanage and the community. In this photo, one of our children was hurt while playing soccer. He was bleeding. Our volunteer had to attend to him with no gloves, no reagents, and no medication. Later, the child has referred to a hospital 40 kilometres away from the orphanage. It is situations like these ones that make us need a healthcare unit at the orphanage. We would like telehealth services to help hurting persons in this community. We would like medical camps to offer healthcare to our children and the community. Once in a while, Casaupendo visits the grannies to check on their health and attend to their needs. We ensure that all children in our program get all types of vaccines needed for healthy development. Our volunteer nurses and clinicians observe each child on a regular basis to ensure that our children are doing well. Volunteers in this program check the blood pressure, weight, and height of the children, wound care, and make constant observations on our children. Children with minor health conditions are provided care by our volunteering nurse or visiting nurse. Severe cases are referred to doctors in the nearby hospital. We depend on volunteer nurses to run this program. We need more volunteer nurses to join this program and help create an impact. You can support this program by sending a gift towards the purchase of medication, equipment, and reagents needed in our first aid unit. You can also ship equipment to our orphanage, and these will be a great boost to the lives of our children as well as that of the community we are serving. Thank you for supporting Casaupendo Orphanage.

Life Skills Programs


Casaupendo orphanage runs an art/craft class for the children on the program as well as the community. Art therapy has enabled the children to start their journey of healing from their trauma. You can support this project by sending a gift directly towards purchase of art materials like pencils, cryons, color, paper, and journal books.


Casaupendo orphanage runs a baking class for the children on the program as well as the community. Thanks to the oven donated to the organization, Casaupendo orphanage has been able to work on several baking projects. We would like to thank our supporters and donors for making this possible. You can support this project by sending a gift directly towards purchase of baking ingridients.


Casaupendo orphanage runs a sewing class for the children on the program as well as the community. Thanks to the sewing machine donated to the organization, Casaupendo orphanage has been able to saw clothing, for our children, and school uniforms at a half the price. We would like to thank our supporters and donors for making this possible. You can support this project by sending a gift directly towards purchase of fabric, thread, and you will be providing all the children in our home a gift of clothing.


Casaupendo orphanage runs a computer class for the children on the program. Thanks to one computer donated to the organization, Casaupendo orphanage continue to teach the children technology. We need more computers to teach technology to 30 children on the program. We would like to open our computer class to more children in the community. More computers will enable us to achieve this goal. You can support this project by sending a gift directly towards purchase of computers.

Goat Farming

Casaupendo Orphanage Strives towards being a sustainable orphanage that will survive the test of time. One of the projects that the orphanage is doing to work towards sustainability is goat farming. We received a donation of two female goats and one male goats. We lost our male goat from sudden disease and this has intefered with goat breeding.  We need support to buy a male goat for breeding. This project needs more help because the goats need goat feed and need a regular vetenary officer to visit by every other month to provide the necessary care that our goats needs. Please feel free to send a gift towards buying a male goat, and feed to allow this project to continue running and helping our children.

Chicken Farming

Chicken farming is another project that Casaupendo Orphanage is doing in efforts to try and be a sustainable orphanage. Our goal is to have chickens to provide eggs for our children. We are currently having a huge need here because our children egg incubator malfunctioned interfering with breeding of baby chickens. We need an egg incubator to breed eggs and have more chickens. You can support this project by sending a gift towards purchase of an egg incubator, or send a gift towards chicken feed. Each day the chickens need healthy food to supplement their diet and enable them to be healthy. The chicken need vaccines and medication to keep them healthy.

Fish Farming

In 2020, the country was faced by covid pandemic and our children were home from school because of the pandemic. The children worked on fish ponds by implementing some of the skills they had learned in school. We received a donation from one of our supporters towards purchase of baby fish. Today the fish ponds have baby fish. Each day the children and volunteers of casaupendo orphanage take turns in caring for the fish. Today, the children have been able to fish some fish for dinner. You can support fish farming by sending a gift directly towards fish food.

Casaupendo orphanage has leased a 0.5 of an acre piece of property from our neighbors that has allowed fish farming and orphanage garden. The children and volunteers take turns to pull weeds and maintain the garden. We currently need seeds. We are looking forwad to plant vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and more. Please support the garden program by sending a gift towards seeds, insecticides, and manure. You can also send a gift towards purchase of the land that we are currently leasing to allow the orphanage to plant long term food crops like fruit trees, which will be of benefit to the children in the home. Thank you for all the support that you are giving casaupendo orphanage.

Community Outreach 

Casaupendo Orphanage teaches compassion to all the children in the program. All the children in the program have made a promise to make a difference in their community. We teach the children how to give back to their community. Once every month, we organize community outreach sessions where the children would go out to the community and share their skills with other children not on the program and the community. During these sessions, the children share water, soap, homemade cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. Some of the topics that the children have shared before include hand hygiene and the love of Jesus. We invite more ideas in building our community outreach sessions. You can support this program by giving a gift towards buying soap, baking ingredients, and clean water to share with the community children during these outreach sessions.