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Wenus Champions (Love my Friend)

Wenus means we helping us. We started this program after our children saw a child in school pass out because they hadn't had food for days. The children came home wondering what they can do to help other hurting children not in our orphanage. The children requested to share their own plate of food with other hurting children who are orphans and not in our program.

We created a 'Love My Friend Saturday' where the children invited hurting children with a goal of showing them some love. The child who fainted in school was among those children who were invited to our orphanage.

Next, we decided to create a program that would enable our children share love to other children. For now two months our children have enjoyed showing love to other hurting children. 

Every other saturday, we invite orphans and hurting children from the community to come to casaupendo orphanage to participate in our activities. Our activites are:

Reading the Bible


We offer free counseing to the children

singing and dancing

We teach all visiting children including those in the program the value of kindness and compassion. The children commit to help other children some day. Our goal is to create a network of kind and compassionate children. As Casaupendo family we believe in spreading love to all including those who are hurting.

Thanks to your generosity, our orphanage has been able to provide the visiting children some food. In the photo below, the children enjoy a meal in our orphanage.

On one ocation, we received 54 visiting children and our home hosted about 84 children.

The demand is overwhelming with more than 54 children visiting our orphanage every other Saturday, your support for our orphanage and this program is much needed. You can support the wenus champion program by donating towards purchase of teaching aid, donating branded tshirts to the children, donating towards wenus champions food, and sending drawing books to the children. More financial resources will enable us to help more people in this community. Hit the donate button to send your gift.