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Casaupendo Orphanage shares food with needy grannies

It is a Sunday morning and we wake up to one of the worst shocks of the year. The entire village has been reduced into rambles and chunks of soil. There have been demolitions around the village. People have lost their property. People have lost their livelihood. The once big businesses in this village have been reduced to nothing. People are crying, the entire village is mourning the loss of the property.

Maili Saba village has many locals who live on one dollar a day. They have no way of buying land and afford other basic needs for their families. Many people were surviving by building structures on Railway property. People have lived on Railway Property for years. The demolitions were done by Railway people since it was illegal for the settlers in the village to occupy the land that did not belong to them. How else was the people's survival if they had no way of living? With one dollar a day income and a family of ten children, how do you care for the needs of these children as well as buy precious commodity like land and develop it?

We receive several grannies in our home who came to beg for food and shelter. Some of the affected households are households of the orphans under our care. Besides struggling with deep losses, they have nothing left after demolitions. It is heartbreaking. We have no way of helping the needy grannies because our resources are already stretched. How do we handle heartache and sadness?

Casaupendo orphanage strives to support the surrounding community. We had to find ways of sharing food and basic needs with the needy grannies. We invited all the hurting grannies to our home and gave each a care package that included food and the basic things that would enable the hurting families to survive as they cope with their huge losses.

We want to thank our sponsors for making this possible. Please feel free to support Casaupendo orphanage. More financial resources will enable us to help more people in this community.

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