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Your investment provides orphaned children with food, clothing, safe shelter, health care, clean water, education sponsorship, counseling, spiritual mentorship, and training in useful life skills.


Our mission is to transform the lives of orphans and vulnerable children by offering interminable loving care, education sponsorship, mentorship, and training in valuable life skills.

There are 3.6 million vulnerable orphaned children in Kenya. Most families survive with less than a dollar income a day. For the majority, meeting the basic needs of their children is a hustle, making it unthinkable to extend a helping hand to the hurting, orphaned, and vulnerable children. Children go through trauma and heartache because of a lack of the very basics of needs and other psychological challenges. Some children will go without food for days, others dying in the streets as they beg for food. Still, others opt for child prostitution so they can afford food. Child trafficking and child slavery, among other negative consequences, are commonplace in Kenya, primarily affecting orphans and vulnerable children. Seeing all these challenges, we saw the need for an all-inclusive program to change the lives of these children. Casaupendo is a Christian orphan child care program registered in Kenya to support orphan and vulnerable children. We believe every child deserves a loving home and a family that caters to the child's physical, emotional, developmental, and educational needs.