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Our Impact

Casaupendo  Supports 20 orphans through school. We provide the orphans with food, clothing, personal hygiene products, mentoring, counseling, education support ,and spiritual guidance. We also monitor the developmental growth of the children ensuring that each child has achieved the required developmental milestone suited for their age. We protect the children from any torture and harrassment that could affect their progress and wellbeing. We monitor school performance for the orphans and offer mentorship where needed. In the photo the children were given new school uniforms to help them maintain their dignity as children. The before photo shows orphans showing their old torn uniforms, while the after photo shows the new school uniforms presented to the children by out team.
Our orphan food program provides food to all orphans in our program. Each day orphans visit our home and get 2 meals (Lunch and Dinner) from our home. We are currently looking for more partners to help us add a third meal into the feeding program. Our food program has enabled orphans to stay in school and focus on their studies rather than worrying about no food in their homes.  As a result, the children in our program have had a trememdous improvement in their academic performance.

Casaupendo support grannies living with orphans. These grannies are weak and can hardly aford a single meal leave alone health care and clothing. We provide food and clothing to these grannies and facilitate them into living a healthy lifestyle. Here are the before and after photos of the grannies in our program.

For the surounding community, we sensitize the community on issues that concern child care and protection. we organise seminars and training to teach every stakeholders handling children how they can protect the children from any kind of abuse. These trainings have helped us keep the children we support safe from any kind of abuse. Also our efforts are meant to reduce the number of teenage pregnancy in the region.

We depend on your support to realize our goals of keeping the orphans healthy and in school to pursue their dreams in life. Please donate to our programs. 

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