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Welcome to Casaupendo orphanage page. Casaupendo is an orphanage registered in Kenya to support orphans and vulnerable children living in the community. We work with households living with orphans. Our goal is to save one orphan at a time, one family at a time, one nation at a time, and the world. We believe that every child deserves to have a loving home, and a family that caters for the physical, emotional, developmental, and educational needs of the child. Realizing the need for a program that can empower households with Orphans and Vulnerable kids, we are determined to improve the care, safety, participation of children, family, and community of orphans and vulnerable children.


Casaupendo orphanage depends on donations from friends, relatives, and all willing persons to run their programs. 90% of the donations we receive go to orphan care, whereas 10% of the donations go to improving the environment the orphans live in. Please feel free to sponsor an orphan or donate to our programs. Look up our impact page to see what we are doing. You can support a specific program, sponsor a child, or donate directly to the CBO, and improve the life of an orphan child. We need your help to support these children. Thanks for visiting our website.

Meet the orphans in our orphanage.

Listen to the orphans in our home sing a gospel song.

The Video below shows how to navigate our website and send your donation to orphans in Kenya

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